Welcome to the Bioinformatics Server at Towson University
















The Bioinformatics server is located in 7800 York Road, Towson, MD, 21252.

Picture of 7800 York Road Building

The following databases/web sites are housed on this server:

  • BBGD: The blue berry genomics database (public)
  • BBGD454: The blue berry next generation transcriptomics database (public)
  • SGR: The strawberry next generation transcriptomics database (public)
  • MAPMBS: The official site for the mid-Atlantic plant molecular biology meeting (public)
  • SGMD: The soybean Genomics and Microarray Database (public)
  • TimeSearcher: A visualization tool for gene expression databases (public)

Maintained by:
Dr. Nadim Alkharouf