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Expression profiles using OLAP (Online Analytical Processing):

OLAP was applied to the time series data set to produce the five distinct expression profiles you see below. Profile 1 shows the average gene expression profile of genes induced across all time points. Profile 2 includes genes suppressed across all time points, while genes in profile 3 on the other hand are induced at 67 hours while suppressed in the other 3 time points. Profile 4 includes genes suppressed at 67 hours while induced at the other time points. Profile 5 includes genes suppressed at 67 and 399 hours but induced at 779 and 1234 hours. The vertical bars at the time points represent the standard deviation for all measurements at that time point. The complete list of genes in every profiles can be found below.

Genes found in the individual profiles above:

Profile 1      
CloneID CloneName dbESTID GenBank_Accn
CA36 dehydrin 1 20190105 CF810660
AC289 dehydrin 1 NULL NULL
CA320 dehydrin 1 20190063 CF810618
CA502 NA 20190208 CF810763
CA1080 No similarity 25201035 CV090247
CA731 dehydrin 25201617 CV090829
CA1531 dehydrin 25201325 CV090537
CA1398 GRPF1 25201216 CV090428
CA1639 hypothetical protein [Bacillus megaterium] 25201415 CV090627
CA1093 protein kinase PINOID (PID) [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201045 CV090257
CA1350 unknown [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201174 CV090386
bbdh1 blueberry dehydrins 1 NULL NULL
NA88 dehydrin 1  20191108 CF811663
NA197 Dehydrin 1 20190710 CF811265
NA204 Dehydrin 1 20190717 CF811272
NA261 Low scores 20190773 CF811328
NA692 low scores 20190938 CF811493
NA826 dehydrin 1  20191059 CF811614
NA1778 cell wall protein 25202066 CV091278
NA1812 dehydrin 1 25202100 CV091312
Profile 2      
CloneID CloneName dbESTID GenBank_Accn
CA276 Heat Shock Protein 20190024 CF810579
CA1572 Putative heat shock protein 25201359 CV090571
CA1607 UDP-glucose dehydrogenase-like protein 25201389 CV090601
CA1409 putative aquaporin PIP2-1 25201223 CV090435
CA1089 zinc finger (CCCH-type) family protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201041 CV090253
CA1584 F14M2.7 protein - Arabidopsis thaliana 25201368 CV090580
NA17 phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase 20190683 CF811238
NA238 Probable phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase (PHGPx 20190751 CF811306
NA450 nam-like protein 1  20190864 CF811419
NA472 heat shock protein-like protein 20190886 CF811441
NA478 EST AU065085 (Predicitied gene) 20190891 CF811446
NA718 hypothetical protein 20190962 CF811517
NA330 hypothetical protein F13M22.7 25202127 CV091339
NA1754 ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBC2  25202043 CV091255
NA1757 putative SCARECROW gene regulator 25202046 CV091258
Profile 3      
CloneID CloneName dbESTID GenBank_Accn
CA44 ATP synthase alpha chain, mitochond. 20190174 CF810729
CA432 Translation intiation factor 5A 20190158 CF810713
CA744 lipid transfer protein precursor 25201626 CV090838
CA1522 ATPase alpha subunit 25201316 CV090528
CA1131 membrane bound O-acyl transferase (MBOAT) family protein 25201076 CV090288
NA80 cysteine protease  20191033 CF811588
NA139 Low scores 20190656 CF811211
NA414 unknown protein 20190829 CF811384
NA737 unknown protein 20190980 CF811535
NA774 BURP domain-containing protein  20191008 CF811563
NA1253 putative protein  25201843 CV091055
NA483 contains similarity to nuclear protein 25202178 CV091390
NA1775 No similarity 25202063 CV091275
NA1226 expressed protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201820 CV091032
Profile 4      
CloneID CloneName dbESTID GenBank_Accn
CA111 LEA 1P 20189887 CF810442
CA482 Beta amylase 20190198 CF810753
CA549 RNA helicase  20190244 CF810799
CA1053 myb-related transcription factor 25201011 CV090223
CA1075 unknown 25201030 CV090242
CA676 hypothetical protein 25201612 CV090824
CA735 Lea1P 25201620 CV090832
CA1400 NULL 25201218 CV090430
CA1422 >F3O9.11 25201233 CV090445
CA1776 acyl-CoA binding family protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201530 CV090742
CA1807 polyubiquitin (UBQ3) [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201559 CV090771
CA1352 unknown [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201176 CV090388
CA1364 hypothetical protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201186 CV090398
CA1374 20S proteasome alpha subunit B (PAB1) (PRC3) [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201195 CV090407
CA1376 unknown [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201197 CV090409
CA1074 SINA2 protein [imported] - Vitis vinifera 25201029 CV090241
CA1495 probable beta-amylase [imported] - Arabidopsis thaliana 25201292 CV090504
NA460 low temperature and salt responsive protein  20190873 CF811428
NA353 probable beta-amylase [imported] - Arabidopsis thaliana 25202148 CV091360
Profile 5      
CloneID CloneName dbESTID GenBank_Accn
CA813 expressed protein 20190406 CF810961
CA847 Granule-bound glycogen synthase 20190437 CF810992
CA1467 Sgs1 gene product 25201270 CV090482
CA1479 Sgs1 gene product 25201280 CV090492
CA1491 hypothetical protein T18B16.150 25201290 CV090502
CA1515 probable cytochrome P450 monooxygenase 25201309 CV090521
CA1519 No similarity 25201313 CV090525
CA1762 NA 25201518 CV090730
CA1372 SLL2-S9-protein [Brassica rapa] 25201193 CV090405
CA1206 NA 25201137 CV090349
CA1520 NA 25201314 CV090526
NA965 putative calmodulin 20191122 CF811677
NA1188 protein phosphatase 2C-like 25201785 CV090997
NA1278 At1g07230/F10K1_4 [Arabidopsis thaliana] 25201865 CV091077